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The EUCYS – European Union Contest for Young Scientists is an initiative of the European Commission that was set up in 1989 with the goal of promoting cooperation and interchange between young scientists and guiding them towards a future career in science and technology.

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The event is an annual exhibition of the finest work developed by young scientists in many different scientific fields; it enables the best young minds of different countries to compare ideas and admire each other’s work, as well as to compete with one another at European level; it is therefore of great interest to the international and local communities, as well as the press.

The EUCYS is, furthermore, an opportunity for young scientists who have gained prestige in their home countries to meet others with similar abilities and interests, and to be guided by some of the most prominent scientists in Europe.

The outcome is a significant endorsement by the European Commission of the work and development achieved in each participant country, which it is hoped will guide and promote more and more young people to careers in science and technology.

An international contest, the EUCYS comes within the Science and Society activities that are managed by the Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, and which strive to build a harmonious relationship between scientific endeavour and the European society at large. You can learn more about the Science and Society initiatives here. For further information about EUCYS please click here




The currency in Poland is the złoty (symbol: zł, or PLN).
There are approximately 4 złoty to 1 euro.

Poland is not part of the euro zone and although some hotels, restaurants and shops do accept payment in €, this is not standard practice.

Major credit cards are accepted in most major locations, although smaller individual shops and restaurants may prefer cash payments. You can change money in a bank or take cash out at any of the many ATM machines in the centre of the city.


Time Zone

Poland is in the Central European time zone, CEST – Central European Summer Time, (UTC+2)


Calling code and emergency number

The Poland country code is: +48 (0048), the Warsaw regional code is: 22 (does not apply to mobile phones).

General emergency number (for Police, Fire, and Ambulance) : 112



The mains electricity supply in Poland is 220 V (230 V) 50/60 Hz with a two-pin plug system that is familiar in most of Europe. Please be sure that any equipment you need to use during the contest will be compatible with this. It is best to purchase any adapters before starting your journey.


University of Warsaw
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EUCYS 2014 Office
+48 22 55 20 750

Information about registration
+48 22 55 20 750

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